Treatment for Tom

Treatment for Tom

A strong and amazing mother is working hard to raise money for her son Tom to have life saving treatment abroad.

Tom is 14 and has been fighting a brain tumour for the last year, it has already taken some of his eyesight, after operations and gruelling treatment, the NHS have advised that sadly there's nothing more they can do for Tom.

America & Germany are leading on treatment for this particular brain tumour, his mother has created a go fund page in an effort to try an raise enough money for this treatment.

When Tom was about to have an operation, his main concern was that his mum was okay 💙 this tells you all you need to know about this amazing thoughtful child. Tom loves football and is living on the Wirral. His family and friends are arranging several fundraising events including a live auction, raffles and more.

We know times are hard for everyone and money is even tighter than ever before so if you can't help financially please share this page on your social media wherever you can awareness is everything in this important appeal. (click the share button above) If you do have a little to spare It would be amazing if you could help by donating to help in Tom's journey.

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