Purple Rain Luxury Ambient Candle

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Here is our top of the range luxury hand poured ambient candle

Scented in the glorious "Purple Rain" Fragrance

Purple Rain brings the refreshing citrus, fruity cocktail scent to your home. With tops notes of cranberry, lemon and lime combined with alcoholic nuances of blue curaçao, and vodka.

Why our candles are different from normal candles........

Highly fragranced in only top quality fragrance oils sourced from only the best ingredients.

An estimated Burn time of 45 Hours

Wood wicks are an innovative alternative to traditional cotton wicks. Not only do wood wicks burn cleanly and disperse fragrance excellently, they also generate subtle crackle sounds, creating a captivating acoustic ambiance. The soothing crackling sounds of wood wicks bring a whole new sensory delight to our candles. Our wood wicks are made from Maple.

Eco soy wax plant based waxes that are sustainable, vegan friendly, biodegradable and made right here in the UK

There really is no better place than right here for a real luxury candle experience