x5 Snow Pixie Soap Sponge

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Soap filled exfoliating sponges for use in baths and showers

RRP £4 - £6 Each
Each soap sponge will be individually wrapped the same as our retail soap sponges ready to sell
  • Not only do they smell amazing they’re 100% handmade 
  • Good for removing false tan and perfect for holidays or hospital stays
  •  SLS free. Cruelty Free
  • Exfoliating Sponges remove dead skin leaving it smooth.
  • Just wet the sponge as use as usual. Allow the sponge to dry out before next use.

    Lasts Approximately 7 washes depending on how long the sponge is left in water.

    *Do not leave the sponge soaking in bath water as the soap will run out quicker and affect product use impairing the lifetime of the sponge*

    sponges can be re-used after the soap has completely gone from the sponge. Just wash and re-use as a normal sponge.